Welcome to Chung Tian Chinese School

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Chung Tian Chinese School of Queensland (CTCSQ) was established in 1992. The objectives of the school include development Chinese language skills of students, also to promote an over-all cultivation, including morality, talent, health, fellowship and artistry. The school is based in Chung Tian Temple with two other campus located in the Brisbane City and the Gold Coast.The school offers Mandarin Classes in varieties of levels and times, students could choose their class according to their level and suitable time.

Children’s Programs

Children Class(1)

From Age 3 to High School levels
Traditional Phonetic Symbols or Pin-Yin

Mandarin Lessons are offered to suit all levels from Beginner to Advanced. These courses are available from children as young as 3 years of age to high school levels and include conversational skills. Teaching is in either Mandarin or English and Mandarin depending on the course taken. Learn More

The children’s programs are offered from Kindy to Senior High School levels. They follow the guidance of Education Queensland. Mandarin Ability Certificates issued upon completion of courses are recognised as supporting documents for school enrollment and class transfer in Taiwan.

Adult Classes


Offered across 3 Campuses
Build up your Chinese conversational skills!

Join our popular Chinese language classes and be part of our multicultural community and a member of the worldwide community of Chinese language learners and speakers! Mandarin classes are offered for adult learners at beginner, intermediate and advance levels.

Our Teachers


Our highly-qualified teachers are experienced, motivated and enjoy interacting with you. Our Chinese classes are student-centred and focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills at basic to advanced levels. They are practical and tailored to engage adult learners in an enjoyable way.

Our Locations

Main Campus

Chung Tian Temple
1034 Underwood Rd.
Priestdale QLD 4127
Telephone: 07 3841 3511
Fax: 07 3841 3522
Mobile: 04 3016 1085
Ms Janice Tsai
Email: school@chungtian.org.au

City Campus

St Laurence’s College
82 Stephens Rd
South Brisbane, QLD 4101
Telephone: 04 3226 9326
Fax: 07 3841 3522
Mobile: 04 3226 9326
Ms Kathie Chang
Email: school@chungtian.org.au

Gold Coast Campus

The Southport School
Winchester St.
Southport QLD 4216
Telephone: 07 3841 3511
Fax: 07 3841 3522
Mobile: 04 1370 6699
Ms May Yang
Email: school@chungtian.org.au