About Us 學校簡介


Chung Tian Chinese School of Queensland (CTCSQ) was established in 1992. The objectives of the school include development Chinese language skills of students, also to promote an over-all cultivation, including morality, talent, health, fellowship and artistry. The school is based in Chung Tian Temple with two other campus located in the Brisbane City and the Gold Coast.

Mandarin Lessons are offered to suit all levels from Beginner to Advanced. These courses are available for both Children and Adults and include conversational skills. Teaching is in either Mandarin or English and Mandarin depending on the course taken. To foster talent more courses are being planned to develop language and cultural objectives.

With the objective to faithfully preserve Chinese culture, Traditional Chinese writing and spelling is the main emphasis in the school, but the simplified version is also taught in the senior classes to ensure students can recognise Chinese in both forms. Knowing both the traditional and the simplified forms enables the students to apply the language skill in more situations. Special emphasis on Chinese heritage and cultural understanding.

Chung Tian Chinese School has an ongoing development plan for its teachers to ensure they are qualified and equipped to benefit the students. Teachers attend Chinese Teachers’ Seminars and Cultural Teachers’ Seminars organized by the Chung Tian School and by Overseas Teachers organisations. This enables our teachers to keep their skills up to date and use modern teacher methods and resources.

Chung Tian Chinese School operates under the guidance of Education Queensland and is an official member of Ethnic School Association of Queensland. Primary School, Junior High School and Senior High School level Mandarin Ability Certificates are issued upon completion of courses.

佛光山中天學校創建於1992年, 辦學精神秉持佛光山開山宗長 星雲大師對教育的理念,以實現佛光山「以教育培養人才」為宗旨,除了培養學生正統華語運用能力,重視學生健全人格與品德教育,學習倫理道德建立正知正見的人生觀。

本校為普及教化方便學習, 於1992年成立黃金海岸分校; 1994年成立西區分校; 2000年設立北區、東區分校。2008年成立城中區分校。 本校設有幼兒班、國小班、國中班、成人中文班及適合非華語背景的漢語拼音中文班。 還有各種才藝班, 如:功文數學班、書法班與輔助中文教學的電腦班等。


To pursue the vision of Venerable Master Hsing Yun in fostering talent through education: to promote traditional Chinese culture, ethics and morality: to instruct students in speaking, listening, reading and writing the Chinese language and to balance the development of knowledge and character.

Attributes 學校特色

  • Employs encouraging and inspiring techniques to foster student’s interest in the Chinese language.
  • Provides and excellent learning environment with a complete set of educational aids.
  • Provides two literal Chinese language systems: traditional and simplified characters.
  • 本校為最早接受昆省教育局督導支 持之正規中文學校。
  • 本校為昆省民族教育協會之成員與協會委員。
  • 中天學校有專業、熱忱的優良師資, 並不斷追求進步。
  • 本校教學生活化、趣味化、多樣化,經常舉辦民俗技藝研習營、親子快樂營、民俗節慶活動、畢業典禮成年禮、專題演講等。
  • 本校定期舉辦各項競賽,培養學生才藝。
  • 中天學校每年舉辦校外文化教學與佛誕節民俗文化活動。
  • 本校教導學生長養慈悲心, 每年舉行全校 “愛心日義賣”募款活動, 救助苦難廣植福田回饋社會。
  • “中天圖書館” 藏書豐富,目前中文藏書逾14206冊,中天學校為昆省最重要的中文文教中心。
  • 學習環境優良,教學設備齊全,校本部並設有中文教學電腦教室。
  • 採取小班制,老師與學生有更多教學互動