Adult Mandarin Classes


★★★ High Quality Teaching and Outstanding Results ★★★
* School operating under the guidance of the Education Queensland.
* One of the largest Chinese Language School in Queesnland.
* School founded in 1992, operating in 3 campuses.
* An official member of Ethnic School Association of Queensland.


Mandarin Chinese Classes for ADULTS !!!
Classes are available for beginner , intermediate and Advance learners
2 hours per week, 8 weeks lessons per term
Fee: $160 per term ($300 per semester)

2017 Timetable

Term 1 (8 weeks)
Commence: 4,5 February
Finish: 25,26 March

Term 2 (8 weeks)
Commence: 22,23 April
Finish: 17,18 June

Term 3 (8 weeks)
Commence: 15,16 July
Finish: 2,3 September

Term 4 (8 weeks)
Commence: 7,8 October
Finish: 25,26 November


Adult classes are offered at multiple locations and dates. Please see details below:

Main Campus: Chung Tian Temple (1034 Underwood Rd Priestdal Q4127
(A) 1:00pm~3:00pm Saturdays

City Campus: St Laurence’s College (82 Stephens Rd, South Brisbane
(B) 1:45pm ~ 4:00pm Saturdays

Gold Coast Campus: The Southport School, Gold Coast
(C) 9:00am – 11:00am Sundays

How to enrol

Please use our online enrolment form to enrol


contact our office below:

Enrollment Enquiry
School Office:
Phone: (07) 3841 3511
Fax (07) 3841 3522
Mobile: 0430161085